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In 2020, 34% of the U.S. population was myopic. By 2050, that percentage is projected to climb to 58%. The Myopia epidemic is here, and progressing rapidly. Make sure your office is prepared to offer the best myopia patient care.

Walman Optical has curated a starter kit of resources to help your practice serve your myopic and pre-myopic patients. Jump ahead to each section at the links below:












Pre-Work: Strategy Session

Before implementing a myopia practice strategy in your office, schedule time to educate yourself and your staff and plan for success.

The Myopia Epidemic

The world is becoming more myopic. Make sure you are prepared to manage your patients' myopia and educate your community about this growing concern with this article from The Review of Myopia Management.



Global Standard of Care

In April 2021, the World Council of Optometry unanimously approved a resolution advising optometrists to incorporate a standard of care for myopia management within their practices.

How to build a myopia control practice

This article from Optometry Times offers a framework for eye care professionals building a myopia control practice.


Practice Success Strategies

This article from Review of Myopia Management outlines 12 actions to create a successful Myopia Management Specialty.

Digital Assets

Make sure you are informing your patients and their parents about the myopia epidemic and the importance of early treatment!

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Eye Exam vs. Vision Screening

vision screening-01

A school vision screening is not an eye exam!

Vision screenings provide less than 4% of the information generated during a comprehensive eye exam and miss up to 75% of children with vision problems. Make sure to schedule your kids' back-to-school eye exams! #eyecare #optical

Pandemic Myopia Risk


Pandemic screentime-related eye complaints

With kids spending unprecedented amounts of time in front of screens the past year, there are reports of sharp increases in blurred vision and eyestrain, which can be indicators of myopia progression. Make sure to schedule your child's eye exam today to assess their risk of increasing nearsightedness! #eyecare #myopia #optical

Take a Break!


Stop and give yourself twenty.

As kids go back to school and screens, encourage them to follow the 20-20-20 rule to reduce eyestrain: Every 20 minutes spent using a screen, try to look away at something 20 feet away from you for a total of 20 seconds! #eyecare #backtoschool

In-Office Assets

Continue your messaging with supporting materials throughout your office - any downtime for patients is potential for learning!


IMI Facts and Findings Infographic

The IMI Facts and Findings Infographic is a useful public health communication tool and chairside reference of key myopia management evidence-based information.



Understanding Your Child's Myopia

The prevalence of myopia is increasing globally at an alarming rate. Download this infographic from MyMyopia to help educate parents.



Relative Risk of Ocular Disease

Show your patients the increased risk of serious complications with higher levels of myopia. This chart from Review of Myopia Management is available for download in two sizes.



Nearsightedness Assessment Tool

Leverage CooperVision's Nearsightedness Assessment Tool to encourage parents to learn more about nearsightedness in their child.

Take the quiz


Kids Lifestyle Questionnaire

Prescribe the best lens and frame options to your youngest patients by learning more about their vision habits. Download this questionnaire to get started today



Ways to Get your Child Outdoors

Help encourage your young patients to spend more time outdoors with these tips!


External Resources/Vendors

Supporting your practice inside and out, utilize these excellent resources and tools provided by these vendor partners.

Myopia Resources



MyMyopia is an awareness campaign sharing important information with parents and eye care professionals on the childhood myopia epidemic (nearsightedness) to improve lifelong ocular health.



International Myopia Institute

The International Myopia Institute was formed to address the increasing levels of myopia and high myopia worldwide that can lead to potentially sight threatening complications for an individual, and the massive global burden associated with lost productivity.




Review of Myopia Management

Review of Myopia Management is a leading source of clinical, practice management, market, and research information on myopia for eye care professionals.


Global Myopia Awareness Coalition

The GMAC was formed within the World Council of Optometry, with a mission to promote public awareness of childhood myopia as a treatable disease.

Vendor Resources





Treehouse Eyes

The Treehouse Eyes Myopia Resource Center is for parents and health care professionals to learn more about myopia, treatment options and the latest research.





Learn more about myopia management and CooperVision's products and Brilliant FuturesTM program.