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It's never too early to start planning your back-to-school campaign! Back-to-School season is an excellent opportunity to promote eye exams and updated eyewear to pediatric patients and their parents, guardians, educators and care providers!

Walman Optical has curated a starter kit of resources to prepare your office for a successful Back-to-School campaign. Jump ahead to each section at the links below:










Pre-Work: Strategy Session

Before jumping to action, take time to do your homework and create a strategy for planning and promoting your back-to-school campaign. What resources can you utilize in reaching out to your youngest patients, in the office and in the community? Having a plan is your first step to success!

Back to School Planning Guide

Not sure where to begin? Start here! We have outlined the basic steps of budgeting and planning, as well as key talking points for your Back to School campaign.

WalmanOptical_BTS Planning Guide
Transitions Kids Dispensing Guide

Transitions Kids Dispensing Guide

Not sure on how to talk to kids and their grown-ups about the benefits of Transitions? Check out this resource guide on how to get the conversation started.

The Myopia Epidemic

The world is becoming more myopic. Make sure you are prepared to manage your patients' myopia and educate your community about this growing concern with this article from The Review of Myopia Management.





Sports Eyewear

Protective Eyewear is back in season

This article from All About Vision outlines talking points for discussing the need for protective eyewear for your young patients as they go back to fall sports.

Frame Show Style Guide

Download this step-by-step Frame Show planning guide to make your Back-to-School trunk show a success!

Frame Show Style Guide 2021
ecp logo outlined 2-01

Dispensing to Pediatrics

This on-demand course walks opticians through the basics of pediatric dispensing. From knowing the best materials to dispense for safety and RX, to actively measuring decentration for a smaller PD, opticians will learn the foundations to dispensing to a younger age group. While it may take a little more patience, the reward is greater.

Special Fit Kids' Glasses

This article from INVISION Mag walks through four examples of special fit circumstances for kids, and advice on how to choose frames and dispense accordingly.


Monthly Social Media Calendar

Download this organized social media calendar from Think About Your Eyes to amplify your impact!

Digital Assets

Make sure you are spreading the word about your back-to-school campaign and promotions online and on social media!

Share the below posts with your patients and their parents by downloading the images and posting to your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media with the accompanying caption.

For even more vendor social media content, check out our extended Back-to-School Social Toolkit!

Little Eyes, Big Protection

Transitions Signature GEN 8_Toolkit_FB

Free Transitions Upgrade on kids eyewear, now through September 30th!

Whether at school or at home, help protect your child's eyes from harmful blue light emitted from digital devices and the sun. Ask us about Transitions® Signature lenses. #eyecare #shoplocal #bluelight

Eye Exam vs. Vision Screening

vision screening-01

A school vision screening is not an eye exam!

Vision screenings provide less than 4% of the information generated during a comprehensive eye exam and miss up to 75% of children with vision problems. Make sure to schedule your kids' back-to-school eye exams! #eyecare #optical

From Classroom to the Field


Make sure your kids are seeing clearly, on and off the field!

Sports eyewear protects your child's eyes from impact when active, while offering optimal vision to bring their A-game #eyecare #backtoschool #backtosports

Take a Break!


Stop and give yourself twenty.

As kids go back to school and screens, encourage them to follow the 20-20-20 rule to reduce eyestrain: Every 20 minutes spent using a screen, try to look away at something 20 feet away from you for a total of 20 seconds! #eyecare #backtoschool

Blue Light Protection


Protect your child's vision.

All "blue light" lenses are not created equally. With more screen exposure than ever, make sure your child's eyes are protected from harmful blue light from sun and screens with our free upgrade to BluTech lenses for kids, now through September 30th! #bluelight #backtoschool #eyecare

Learning Starts with Vision

1 in 4

Set your student up for success!

25% of kids in the US have a vision impairment significant enough to impact their ability to learn. Make sure your child is equipped for success by scheduling your back-to-school eye exams today! #eyecare #backtoschool

In-Office Assets

Continue your messaging with supporting materials throughout your office - any downtime for patients is potential for learning!


Eyewear Buyer Guide

Make sure your patients are well-informed when deciding where to purchase their eyewear. Download this brochure for your waiting room



Understanding Your Child's Myopia

The prevalence of myopia is increasing globally at an alarming rate. Download this infographic from MyMyopia to help educate parents.


Tips For First-Time Eyewear

First-time Eyewear wearers

Help your first-time eyewear patients and their parents transition to glasses smoothly with these printable take-home tips.



Kids Lifestyle Questionnaire

Prescribe the best lens and frame options to your youngest patients by learning more about their vision habits. Download this questionnaire to get started today



Ways to Get your Child Outdoors

Help encourage your young patients to spend more time outdoors with these tips!


Back-to-School Promotions

Leverage these back-to-school promotions from Walman Optical and our vendor partners to make your campaign a success!

WALMAN OPTICAL          Lens Promotion

Back To School 2021 Lens Promotion


Stack Your Savings Kids Eyewear

EYEWEAR DESIGNS  Frame Promotions

Eyewear Designs 2021 Back to School Promo_Page_1

SHAQ EYE GEAR        Frame Promotion

Zyloware Shaq Eye Gear Promotion

External Resources/Vendors

Supporting your practice inside and out, utilize these excellent resources and tools provided by these vendor partners.

Technical Information

POWER Blue Technical Sheet

POWER Blue Technical Sheet_Page_1

POWER Kids Technical Sheet

POWER Kids Technical Sheet_Page_1

BluTech Sales Aid

BluTech Sales Aid_Page_1

Transitions Kids Dispensing Guide

Transitions Kids Dispensing_Page_1

Manufacturer Resources


BluTech logo


BluTech Resources

Download marketing materials, social media, and training guides to educate your patients and their parents on the importance of Blue Light protection.


Transitions Trade

Download numerous Transitions resources to share with your patients and keep up with the trends through peer insights, product training and other educational materials.


Essilor LitLink

Access Essilor-brand literature, promotional materials, multimedia assets and more.

We Are Zyloware

We Are Zyloware

Download social media, merchandising and training guides to amp up your patient content! Plus, help your customers find the right fit with their online sizing guide.

Kids' Eye Health



MyMyopia is an awareness campaign sharing important information with parents and eye care professionals on the childhood myopia epidemic (nearsightedness) to improve lifelong ocular health.


Think About Your Eyes

Be part of the optical industry's national public awareness campaign! Promote your involvement and encourage patients to get an annual eye exam.




Review of Myopia Management

Review of Myopia Management is a leading source of clinical, practice management, market, and research information on myopia for eye care professionals.

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