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It's never too early to start planning your back-to-school campaign! Back-to-School season is an excellent opportunity to promote eye exams and updated eyewear to pediatric patients and their parents, guardians, educators and care providers.

Walman Optical has developed resources to prepare your office for a successful Back-to-School campaign. Jump ahead to each section at the links below:











Selling Transitions Lenses

Transitions has a variety of tools to help your patients see the benefits of Transitions lenses, and drive premium sales in your practice! You can utilize these resources in reaching out to your youngest patients, in the office and in the community. Also take the time to review the Transitions portfolio and technology amongst your staff to make sure everyone is comfortable sharing the product story with patients.

Patient Light Control Quiz

This simple, interactive quiz helps patients determine how light-sensitive they are, and the level of protection that is best for them. Share this quiz with patients with upcoming appointments, or for them to complete while waiting at your practice to start the conversation about Transitions lenses.

Access the Quiz

Patient Light Control Quiz
Virtual Try-on

Virtual Try-On

Let patients see themselves in Transitions® Signature® GEN S™ lenses, including different colors and styles across the full range of activation with the Transitions Virtual Try-on.

Access Virtual Try-On

In-Office and Online P.O.P.

Utilize the Transitions Kids’ Digital Toolkit to let your patients explore Transitions® lenses through interactive games and our Virtual Try-On, and request in-office POP to share the Transitions message throughout your practice. Engage your patients while they wait by directing them to for videos and interactive games educating them about their eyes and Transitions lenses!

View Transitions Kids' Digital Toolkit

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Transitions Portfolio

The complete source to dispensing Transitions lenses family of brands is now digitized! With a few key strokes, the newly digitized product availability guide will facilitate searching for the Transitions brands, materials and designs available across one or all lens suppliers. You can download and print specific searches to share with your practice associates. Now featuring availability of Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized™ and Transitions® XTRActive® new generation lenses.

Marketing Back to School in Your Practice

Make sure you are spreading the word about your back-to-school campaign and promotions online and on social media. Then, continue your messaging with supporting materials throughout your office - any downtime for patients is potential for learning!

Back to School Promotion Guide

Back to School Promotion Guide

Keep your Back to School plan on track with this week-by-week promotion guide outlining each step of a successful promotion.



Kids Lifestyle Questionnaire

Prescribe the best lens and frame options to your youngest patients by learning more about their vision habits. Download this questionnaire to get started today



Eyewear Buyer Guide

Make sure your patients are well-informed when deciding where to purchase their eyewear. Download this brochure for your waiting room


Tips For First-Time Eyewear

First-time Eyewear wearers

Help your first-time eyewear patients and their parents transition to glasses smoothly with these printable take-home tips.



Ways to Get your Child Outdoors

Help encourage your young patients to spend more time outdoors with these tips!


DONE4YOU® Marketing

by ADO Practice Solutions

Feeling Overwhelmed? Leave it to the pros. DONE4YOU Marketing is a professional eye care marketing service for a fixed monthly fee with no contracts!


Community Outreach Strategies

There are great opportunities for your office to participate in the local community, and promote your practice while doing so! Community outreach efforts help reinforce your relationship with your patients, build your brand story, and increase staff engagement. Check out just a few ways your office can start getting involved locally below.

Back to School 2022

Support a Classroom through DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose is a non-profit allowing individuals and organizations to give directly to classroom projects. Look up schools and educators in your area that you would like to support, or encourage educators you may know to create a project that your practice can raise funds towards.

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Partner with Local Businesses and Schools

Take advantage of your local business network and partner with other nearby organizations. This could mean teaming up with a local dentist office or specialty shop to offer discounts to each others' customer base. Or, explore niche hobbies or industries specific to your area and design a package or offering to fit that need-- such as offering a cycling frame & lens package in a town with many bicycle enthusiasts! Finally, reach out to local schools to see if you can offer discounts or place informational flyers with the school nurse or in a school newsletter.

local business

Sponsor an Event or Team

Sponsoring a local team, fundraiser or event is a great way to get your name out there and build a relationship with the individuals involved. This also typically comes with an opportunity to have an office presence where you can share the importance of good eye health practices.

Back-to-School Promotion

Leverage Walman Optical's 2024 Back to School promotion to make your campaign a success!

External Resources/Vendors

Supporting your practice inside and out, utilize these excellent resources and tools provided by these vendor partners.


Transitions Trade

Download numerous Transitions resources to share with your patients and keep up with trends through peer insights, product training and other educational materials.



The Vision Council

Utilize the Vision Council Foundations promotional materials to raise awareness of the importance of eye exams in your community.




MyMyopia is an awareness campaign sharing important information with parents and eye care professionals on childhood myopia epidemic (nearsightedness) to improve lifelong occular health.



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