Walman Optical Exclusive Promotions

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of promotions that focus on premium products in an effort to generate additional revenue for your office. To learn more about our promotion schedule, log-in or contact us to become a valued partner today!

Date Promotion Products Featured Details
On-Going Winkit First Order Promotion Winkit Online Frame Ordering Receive 25% off your first Winkit order. Click here to learn more about Winkit Online Frame Ordering.

Starts 1/1/2019 and is ongoing Frequent Frame Club All frame productNew releases, best sellers and tried-and-true styles! No matter how you buy it, every Walman Optical frame counts towards your goals and gets you much deserved rewards. Learn more and join the club today! The fun begins January 1!

On-Going Lens Vendor Partner Promotions:

Promotion Products Featured Details

Essilor Edge

Varilux and Crizal

Link to Essilor Edge http://www.essiloredge.com/

Essilor Instant 100

Varilux X Series, EyeZen +, Transitions and Crizal Sapphire 360 UV

Learn about the program or Sign Up Today. Offer runs through December 31, 2019.


Practice Plus

Signet and Kodak Lenses

Link to Practice Plus: http://www.practice-plus.net/


Shamir ADO Practice Solutions Rewards Program

Shamir Lenses and Coatings

Click to view Shamir ADO Practice Solutions rewards program.

Shamir RCPV Rewards

Shamir Progressive Lenses

Link to Shamir RCPV Rewards:  http://www.rcpvrewards.com/)

UNITY ADO Practice Solutions Savings

UNITY Lenses and Coatings

Click to view UNITY ADO Savings program.

UNITY Savings

UNITY Lenses and Coatings

Click to view UNITY Savings program

X-Cel Speciality Contacts and ADO Practice Solutions Benefits

extremeH2O weekly contact lenses

Click to view X-Cel Specialty Contacts ADO member benefit.