We focus heavily on digital lens designs and digital processing. Producing not only premium products, but producing the products you want and your patients deserve is our number one objective.

We currently produce digital designs from the following manufacturers in-house, ensuring you get consistent quality and turnaround time regardless of which lens designs you prefer: Essilor, Shamir, Seiko, VSP and Zeiss.

Proprietary Products:


The power to choose the lens design that suits your patients’ needs.

Whether you have a patient looking for the clearest, crispest customized vision or a patient watching their budget and doesn’t care for all the bells and whistles the POWER Lens portfolio has something to offer.

POWER Plus lenses are customized for the sharpest vision. The dual-sided compensated lens allows for clear vision throughout the entire lens. Available in Balanced, Distance, Near and First for the most customized progressive style for your patients.

POWER lenses are the best value for every day activities. Backside compensated lens technology provides customized clear vision. Available in both progressive and single vision lens options.

POWER Lite lenses are the budget-friendly backup pair. Non-compensated lens technology still utilizes current digital lens technology, but is not customized to the patients’ eye measurements. Available in both progressive and single vision lens options.

POWER Thru lenses maximize your comfort and productivity. The backside compensated lens allows for comfortable vision during long periods in the intermediate zone. Available in 4 ft, 6ft, 13 ft and single vision lens options.

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