Non-Glare Coatings

Non-Glare Capabilities

In 2006, Walman opened the Crizal™ EXT facility and brought you the Crizal™ family of Non-Glare’s. We have continued to expand this area of our laboratory in order to process 3 times the number of jobs we could previously make providing you the satisfaction of delivering your patients glasses, sooner.

In addition to the Crizal™ family, we also provide Glacier Plus UV from Shamir, and select Unity coatings from VSP.

Sentinel Plus UV Non-Glare
Our House Non-Glare

Sentinel Plus UV is the non-glare lens with some of the highest scratch resistance and durability in the industry for UVAR. Plus this super hydrophobic non-glare repels water, oil, dust and other airborne particulates and will sustain normal wear and tear. The multi-layer stack gives you clarity and lens protection at the same time. Additionally, Sentinel reduces backside UV reflection to 1-2% while most other non-glare lenses can reflect up to 30% of UV light. Wearers reported better night vision and decreased daily eye fatigue.

For those of you that edge in house, Sentinel Plus UV has an anti-slip layer that will help keep the lenses from moving while you edge your work, saving you breakage time and spoilage!

Give your patients the look and performance they deserve

Product Feature Patient Benefit Practice Benefit

Improved Scratch Resistance
Colt rating: Product should last 2-3 years with minimal returns

Longer lens life
Better scratch protection

Fewer returns
Increased patient satisfaction

Improved Cleanability
Contact Angle is 113, better than most premium Non-Glare’s. (this is how much water/debris will bead on the lens and be repelled from the surface)

Lenses stay cleaner longer
Repels skin oils
Resists dirt and debris

Less frequent cleaning Increased patient satisfaction

Improved Color
Greenish color

Patients feel this color spectrum is less noticeable to others
Better cosmetic appearance

Fewer returns
Increased patient satisfaction

Sentinel Plus UV Warranty
2 year warranty

Eases patient purchase Protects patients investment

Protects your practice
Sell with confidence

Download the Sentinel ECP PDF

Download the Sentinel Consumer PDF


Material Match Coatings

Take a quick look at what material match coatings are and the benefits of prescribing them to patients.

Quick Glance: Material Matched Coatings from Walman Optical on Vimeo.


Crizal Non-Glare

Walman Optical is a Certified EXT Laboratory and holds licenses to independently create and distribute Essilor products, including Crizal™ Non-Glare. We have the ability to produce the full line of Crizal™. Check out all the Crizal Products as well as Optifog™ products available.

Walman Optical is able to service your non-glare needs through our Optical Service Center’s robust processing center to ensure you a timely delivery of your product.

Download the Crizal™ Availability Chart

Download the Crizal Prevencia™ Availability Chart


Shamir Non-Glare

Shamir Glacier PLUS UV is a premium coating available from Shamir that provides a cutting-edge, glare reducing solution that truly helps to ReCreate Perfect Vision. Glacier PLUS UV coating process has been developed to be specially matched with each of Shamir's certified lens materials. Check out Shamir Glacier PLUS UV today.