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LumiClear™ UV enhances the benefits of a standard non-glare by reducing UVA and UVB reflections from the backside of the lens.




LumiClear™ Pro combines the properties of the LumiClear™ UV and adds an additional layer of durability.




LumiClear™ Prevent adds a layer of blue light protection to prevent digital eyestrain while using devices.




LumiClear™ Fogless has a durable hardcoat front surface with a permanent anti-fog coating on the backside, which does not require an activator.



Does not contain non-glare.

Product Benefits

  • Reduces Glare and Reflections
  • Resists Scratches
  • Repels Smudges, Moisture, Oils, Dust, Dirt and Lint
  • Exemplary Visual Clarity
  • Alluring Cosmetic Appearance
  • Optional Backside UV Coating


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The Non-Glare Layers

Super Oleophobic Hydrophic Top Coat

  • Repels oils, smudges and fingerprints
  • Smooth, slippery lens surface for easy cleaning
  • Repels water and moisture
  • Acts as a sealant to protect non-glare stack


Non-Glare Stack

  • Anti-static, premium composition non-glare stack
  • Increases scratch resistance
  • Ion-assisted deposition


Thermally Cured Dip Hardcoat - Available on LumiClear™ Pro

  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Highly durable and protective
  • Excellent non-glare base


Primary Layer

  • Provides increased adhesion to lens substrate
  • Ensures bonding between lens and hardcoat
  • Acts as a cushion coat


Two-Year, Two-Time Warranty

All LumiClear™ coatings are backed by our two-year, two-time warranty against scratches and product failure under normal use.