Specialty Processing


The Helix edger is a device comprising mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and software elements whose function is the precise machining of resin ophthalmic lenses. This includes edging with a large variety of contours, drilling and milling. The Helix is equipped with a tool-changing mechanism that permits all such operations to be performed without the user needing to manually change tools or remount the work piece. Additional flexibility is achieved via five primary axes of motions, including tilting the axis of rotation of the work piece. This allows, for example, very high-wrap lenses to be dynamically beveled or grooved, and complex shelf cuts to be made.


Need glass? Not a problem. Walman is a full service laboratory and we have the ability to process glass and specialty products to your needs. Choose from single vision, straight top bifocals trifocals and specialty glass products such as colors and photochromic lenses.