Lab Services

Walman Optical truly believes in quality and service and we have adapted our processes to stand out above our competitors. In May of 2011 Walman Optical tripled AR and digital lens manufacturing capabilities as well as implementing new processes to give our customers the quality and variety they deserve. At the present time, Walman Optical proudly boasts the most expansive in house digital and AR capabilities over any independent laboratory, and we are able to process your jobs both quickly and accurately.

The Optical Service Center (OSC)

The expansion of Walman Optical’s Optical Service Center was completed and fully operational in May of 2011. This impressive 50,000 square foot facility operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, applying the industry’s most advanced digital surfacing and anti-reflective coating technologies.

We constructed the OSC to continue to maintain our promise to independent practices to provide outstanding quality and service on the premier products available in the industry today and in the future. Our ability to produce a wide variety of products and treatments allows the practices we serve to focus on the solution they determine is best for their patient. Our consistency and quality allows them to prescribe with complete confidence.