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Online Ordering

Easy to use "cascading windows" style of entry screen ensures accurate information is sent with each job, eliminating errors.

FAST! RxWIZARD™ Provides lens product availability and availability in package-programs. You can transmit lens or frame tracings to speed the process, too. RxWIZARD™ prescriptions are the first in line when it comes to processing. There is also a stock ordering feature on the RxWizard tool bar so you can reorder your frames, miscellaneous and lens products from us.

RxWIZARD™ Allows you to enter an Rx and electronically transmit it, along with a frame or lens tracing, to your Walman Optical lab. You receive an up-to-date status report on all of your in-process orders whether they were submitted electronically or called into the lab. The orders you transmit are archived, and you control how long they are kept on your system. You can view and search both archived and in-process orders using the "Order Lookup" function along with multiple usage reports.