Digital Lenses

Patients experience 1/100th of a diopter in accuracy with digital lenses. The compensated designs provide multiple focal points through the lens to reduce "swim", distortion and unwanted astigmatism. Additionally, an atroic backside is placed on digital lenses which lessen the amount of magnification of the patient's eyes as well as allowing the patient's prescription to be in control of the backside base curve ensuring the curvature of the lens, is exactly what they needed. Digital technology allows patients to see better than the old traditional designs with greater image quality and clarity. 

Walman Optical has full capability to run digital lenses in-house from the following manufacturers: Essilor, Shamir, Seiko, VSP and Zeiss. In addition to these manufacturers, we are able to provide you with digital lenses from Hoya, Signet and more!  Click the link below to play the video.