A History of Trust and Vision for the Future

Walman Optical - The Lab Division of Walman

In 1915, Mr. J.A.L. Walman discovered that success was in the details. An optometrist and optician, Mr. Walman was also a jeweler. He crafted every lens like a precious stone. The attention to detail has been the foundation of Walman for over 100 years.

Every day, we are driven by the commitment of enriching lives through better vision. With that comes the pledge to the speed, accuracy and service you need and eye care patients deserve. And, no matter who you work with at Walman, you are working with an owner. Walman is 100% employee-owned and that means that going the extra mile isn't just something we do every now and then. It is something we do every time. All this has helped make us the #1 independent wholesaler in the US.

Walman Optical is the lab division of Walman, and just like our division partners, we are focused on your success for the betterment of patient care. Walman takes a broad view of your challenges and a sharp focus on the solutions through the expertise, tools and resources of our divisions. This is The Walman Advantage and it brings you from "alive" to "thrive" in the competitive market today.