Walman Optical Core Values

Customer Focus

Since 1915, all eyes at Walman Optical have focused on customer needs. Customer focus has been, and always will be, our most important value.

We also support customers with a 100% patient satisfaction guarantee - one powerful element of a broader philosophy. Simply put, we believe it is in our interest to ensure that our customers get what they want.

That's why we guarantee patient satisfaction instead of a simple warranty for products. It's also why we provide free training, learn about each customer's market, and customize product assortments.

Technical Excellence

As one of the largest independent eyecare firms in the US, we are frequently the first to offer new products from frame suppliers, ophthalmic lens manufacturers, and contact lens material producers. Our customers tend to be progressive, and Walman is recognized for bringing new technologies to market.

In addition to embracing physical advances, we have also demonstrated a commitment to information technology. On an ongoing basis, we're developing electronic methods of sharing knowledge internally and improving convenience externally.

Technology can improve quality, reduce cost, and increase speed to market. At Walman, we're always exploring new technologiesfrom materials to products to processes.

Innovative Solutions

Technology is one path to improved quality, reduced cost, and faster time to market. Innovation is another route, one that can also create new products, services, and markets.

Walman Optical was innovating back when they called it ingenuity. Today, we have numerous patents, a staff of industry luminaries, breakthrough Internet applications, and a long list of firsts. In fact, manufacturers frequently consult with us to help develop new products.

Whether it's product or process innovations, Walman is dedicated to finding new solutions to old problems. It's part of our history. It drives the future.

Lifelong Learning

Change is constant. Only the rate varies. And in the vision care business, change is increasing at an increasing rate. The solution to this challenge is lifelong learning.

Sometimes this means formal education. Other times it means seminars and training. It always requires constant curiosity and engagement.

We do more than talk about the value of learning. We put money behind it. We consider it a wise investment.

Market Agility

To cope with the steady barrage of change, a major decision was made long ago. Stay private so we could serve Main Street instead of Wall Street. Being part of The Walman Optical Company provides us with industry knowledge, management guidance, and access to capital. This support makes it easier to be agile.

There is no doubt that markets will shift. Just as certainly, Walman will adapt. And sometimes, Walman will shift markets.

Employee Ownership

Employee ownership means everyone at Walman Optical has a vested interest in the work at hand. Employee ownership has led to long tenure and smooth leadership transitions. Being an ESOP also provides unique financial options. This unique structure has created an island of stability in a turbulent industry.

Patient preferences, new technologies, and custom services drive the optical business. Eye care professionals need specialized knowledge and support. Dedicated people make all the difference.

Specifically, it helps to work with people who focus on customers, deploy new technologies, create innovative solutions, believe in lifelong learning, and move with agility. It's also good to work with people who have a stake in what they do.